Side by Side Bar Chart in Tableau - 3 Ways

As discussed in the previous blog, comparison charts are very common and most important charts for any data. Tableau also can create some very special comparison charts. One such chart is Side by Side Bar Chart or referred to as Shared Axis Chart.

KPI shapes on the left of Bar Chart in Tableau

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) drive a lot of business decisions. Showing bold and big font numbers on a Dashboard are good practices for visualization. But color coding them will take it to the next level because colors appeal to the end users more by adding the “wow” factor. Using shapes to represent the KPI will seal the deal making the best approach. Scientifically, human brain is tuned to understand and react to shapes and color pretty fast. Showing them together will make it a deadly combo.

Percent of Total on Stacked Bar in Tableau - 2 ways

Parts of Whole or Breakdowns of Whole are widely used concepts in Data Visualization.

Stacked Bar is one such very widely used chart in Tableau and elsewhere.

Though the Police or Cops of Best practices frown upon developers who use Stacked bar, it is still a very popular chart for Media companies, Finance teams, Govt agencies, Supply chain etc.

In most cases, if not all, Stacked Bar charts are used to represent Percent of Total contribution.

BUMP Chart vs CONCENTRIC Chart in Tableau

Rank is a powerful feature for any visualization. It is very effective to understand how each of the categorical members perform against the same measure with a sorted Rank chart. Also for best practices it is convenient for the end user to make quicker decisions with well sorted-ranked charts.

Win a Ducati Monster at Tableau Conference 2017

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